Monday, 16 January 2012

WeLcoMe Dear VisiToRs

Blog is a new fun, helpful, and at the same time its an effective stuff for me and my Teaching & Learning proses. I'm sure my students will like this way of learning. I think they all own a blog also.

This blog is mainly created for Imtiaz Mandarin Class. In this blog, i plan to built network not only will my internal students, but also other school / College / University / NGO / Other Country's Mandarin Society to join. 

In this blog, I'll not only put in all my class material sort according to class's date, but also will put in several fun updates such as Festival Videos, News, and photo to show to my students that learning Mandarin is not a board and it worth, because sooner, Mandarin will be an International Language.

So, for the people out there that are interested to learn this language, you are will come to visit my page, maybe, you can get something here. You are please to post you suggestion or any comment,  I'll appreciate your contribution very much!!

What is Mandarin ? And Why Should Non-Chinese People Learn Mandarin ?

Mandarin is a Language mostly practice by Chinese People since their very young age. These people shift to many other country and put effort to learn other languages too.

Now a days, parents encourage their children to learn multiple languages starts before primary school level hope that they'll have brighter career. Well, its proven that many public listed company offering high pay to those who have certificates of multiple languages.

To learn a basic level of this language, visitors are welcome to explore this blog as you can learn not only words and communication, but you can also experience to learn several Chinese food's recipes and some Chinese Arts & Culture.

Mandarin Class Year 2012
In this year, our class is having some additional activities that are compulsorily attend by students :-

Volum in the each group
SM. Imtiaz Kospint
SM. Imtiaz Dungun
SM. Imtiaz Kuala Berang
SM. Imtiaz Kemaman
20 orang
19 orang

28 orang

3 orang
13 orang

25 orang

13 orang
11 orang

20 orang

Art & Craft
6 orang
19 orang

15 orang

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  1. Dear Students,

    1. you are going to sit for the real examination paper ( the same paper with chinese school )

    2. in each school, i'm looking for 20 students that can really speak mandarin fluently. 20 students that can read and understand passages well.